Sad News

The game is shutting down on November 30th, 2019.

We will be shutting down the website after the game goes offline.
Thank you for using Rush Stats
Star List for Brawl Stars

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Epic Box +40
Player Stats
StarsTotal Stars 19,119
AchievementAttack Stars 73,069
Defense ShieldDefense Stars 7,829
HQ BuildingHQ Building LEVEL 8
ChopperChopper LEVEL 8
TroopFav. TroopFavorite Troop Boxer
AirdropFav. AirdropFavorite Aidrop Satellite
No TeamTeam No Team
GoldGold Donated 25,770
Wooden CrateObs. RemovedObstacles Removed 738
Free BoxFree Boxes 550
Common BoxCommon Boxes 3,939
Rare BoxRare Boxes 1,347
Epic BoxEpic Boxes 51
GunTotal Attacks 36,705
Success TickPerfect Attacks 32,208
BulletsDecent Attacks 4,495
Defense ShieldPerfect Defenses 658
DefenseDecent Defenses 6,775
GoldGold Looted 1,431,941